We offer a wide range of products, which are backed by our well-equipped R&D, qualified professionals, GMP certified manufacturing plant and over 30+ years of expertise in extraction. These extracts have applications in various benefit categories across health, nutrition, food, and beverage industries. Also, the extracts are being tested for quality right from the raw material sourcing stage to the finished product stage. The entire range of products is offered in various packaging options based on customer needs.

AshwagandhaPromotion of vigour and vitality;
increase in endurance
Up to 5% withanolides by gravimetry
Bacopa MonneriBrain/nerve rejuvenation, stress reductionUp to 50% bacosides by HPLC
BanabaManagement of blood sugar level1 to 5% corosolic acid by HPLC
Black TeaWeight management and energizer3 to 8% of caffeine
Boswellia SerrataRelief of joint pain, anti-inflammatoryUp to 75% boswellic acids by titration
CinnamonAnti-diabeticUp to 40% polyphenols by UV
ColeusAnti-hypertensive, weight loss10%, 20% forskohlii by HPLC
FenugreekAnti-diabetic, insulinotropic and
weight management
Up to 50% saponins by gravimetry
Garcinia Calcium SaltWeight managementUp to 70% HCA water insoluble salts by HPLC
Garcinia Water SolubleWeight managementUp to 70% HCA water soluble salts by HPLC
Green Coffee BeanWeight management45%, 50% total chlorogenic acids by HPLC, up to 30% chlorogenic acid
Green TeaWeight management and anti-oxidantUp to 97% polyphenol, up to 50% EGCG, up to 80% total catechins
GuaranaCNS stimulantUp to 22% caffeine (natural & fortified)
Gymnema SylvestreManagement of blood sugar level25%, 75% gymnemic acids by gravimetry, upto 25% by HPLC
Natural CaffeineCNS stimulantUp to 99.5% by HPLC
Organic Ashwagandha Root PowderPromotion of vigour and vitality;
increase in endurance
SennaLaxativeUp to 40% sennosides by HPLC,
up to 40% sennosides by UV
TurmericAnti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory65%, 95% curcuminoids by HPLC
ValerianTreatment of insomnia and regulation of
disturbed sleep
0.8% (3 peaks) and 0.8% (4 peaks),
2% dry extract, 10% soft extract by HPLC